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Video: Mesmerizing Dolphin Encounter in Batanes

Ever imagined how it feels like to be led by Dolphins while riding on a boat? No way! Right? But here’s a proof. This video in Batanes perfectly…

Provinces of the Philippines

81 Grandest Pictures From the 81 Provinces of the Philippines

With 7,107 Islands, a land area of 343,448 square kilometers, Philippines is bigger than Italy, Britain or North & South Korean combined. I’m sure you’ll have a hard…

Philippine Bucket List

80 Items You Need to Add on Your Philippine Travel Bucket List

Happy New Year! Time flies so fast, isn’t it? One moment you’re just starting year 2014 and now you’re on the 4th page of your 365 days of 2015….

Philippine Travel Express

45 Instagram Travel Photos That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

These People Will Make You Jealous of Their Wanderlust Around the Philippines with their Instagram Travel Photos. If you don’t usually get envy with other people’s travel photos,…