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5 Santorini-like Places in the Philippines You Need to Visit this Summer

A piece of Santorini in the Philippines!!! NO WAY!!! Believe it or not! But there are places in the country where you can experience that Greek summer feels…

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Why “The Ruins” of Bacolod Was Built and Why You Need to Visit it

Amidst the hectares of sugar cane plantation lays the famous “ Ruins of Maria Braga Mansion”. Built in 1900’s by sugar business tycoon Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, it…

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

Hopping from Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu is Possible You Just need to Read this

The 5 minute sun bathing and the hearty breakfast of banana pancake drizzled with honey and a cup of instant coffee plus the view of blinding white sand…

Cowrie Cove Promo

Chef Paolo Pelosi Brings Michelin Experience to Cowrie Cove

Immersed in his native Italian cuisine, recently appointed Executive Sous Chef Paolo Pelosi goes out of his comfort zone and swims into new waters to handle Cowrie Cove, Shangri-La’s…

Provinces of the Philippines

81 Grandest Pictures From the 81 Provinces of the Philippines

With 7,107 Islands, a land area of 343,448 square kilometers, Philippines is bigger than Italy, Britain or North & South Korean combined. I’m sure you’ll have a hard…

shangrila hotel PROMO

Shangri-La s Mactan Welcomes Summer

Year-round sunshine, prestine azure waters, widest stretch of white sand and countless water activities and underwater fun will welcome guests at Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu. The ultimate venue for…

Laboracay Philippines

Now You Can Join This Coming Laboracay

So you want to join this coming Laboracay? Well by now you should be starting the preparation! Exactly 60 days from now will be the celebration of the…

Shangrila Mactan Cebu

Shangri-La’s Mactan rated as One of Asia’s Top Resorts in TripAdvisor poll

Shangri-La’s Mactan, Cebu was announced as Asia’s 4th “Top Resort for Families” and the Philippines’ “Top Family Resort” in the latest TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice poll. TripAdvisor as the world’s…

INFINITY pools Philippines

12 Incredible Infinity Pools around the Philippines You Need to Experience

If you’re looking for a spectacular sight of infinity pool around the Philippines which is synonymous to posh and luxurious tropical vacation well, you are on the right…

Cebu City Itinerary

Cebu 3 Day Itinerary: Awesome Places You Need to Visit Around the City

Tagged as the Queen City of the South, Cebu City is one of the top destinations around the Philippines. It is the most traveled city by foreign tourist…


10 Philippine Festivals You Need To Mark on Your Calendar This Year

Mark your calendar because these incredible and grandest Philippine Festivals will sure win your heart and will set you on party mode. Mid 15th century when the Spaniard…

Conference room in Cebu

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu Gets CEI Accolade

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu was recently awarded by CEI ASIA magazine as one of three “Best Resort Hotel for Business Events” in its annual Industry Excellence…

Philippine Bucket List

80 Items You Need to Add on Your Philippine Travel Bucket List

Happy New Year! Time flies so fast, isn’t it? One moment you’re just starting year 2014 and now you’re on the 4th page of your 365 days of 2015….

Philippine Travel Express

45 Instagram Travel Photos That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

These People Will Make You Jealous of Their Wanderlust Around the Philippines with their Instagram Travel Photos. If you don’t usually get envy with other people’s travel photos,…

Olotayan Island

12 Stunning Never Before Seen Pictures from Roxas City (Capiz)

If you think Roxas City is just known for its sea produce. Think again! Because the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” hides some its remarkable places that never…

Roxas City Tour

Useful Resources to Your Roxas City Tour

You can read more about our island hopping adventure in Olotayan Island in The Secret Beauty of Roxas City that Never Reached Your Social Media Account Until Today and…

Roxas City

The Secret Beauty of Roxas City that Never Reached Your Screen Until Today

Over the weekend, the gang went to the remotest part of Roxas City for some Aswang Hunting Spree seafood overloading while fulfilling a wanderlust adventure. Roxas City welcomed…

Roxas City

San Antonio Resorts: Great & Affordable Place to Stay in Roxas City

San Antonio Resorts Roxas – The Perfect Spot to Your Getaway in Roxas City. Roxas City – Fronting Baybay Beach, San Antonio Resorts strikes a perfect spot between…

Casa Verde Cebu

Casa Verde Cebu : An American Dining Experience in the Heart of Cebu

Full parking lots, endless queuing customers patiently waiting to be seated, countless orders coming in and out of the kitchen and diners enjoying their plates are normal scenarios…

Things To Do in Cebu on Your First Night

8 Beautiful Places in the Philippines You are Probably Missing

Quick Facts About the Philippines