10 Most Ignored Things That Should Be on Your Backpack to Mt. Pulag

With its moss covered forest, sprawling grassland and glorious sea of clouds, Mt. Pulag lies at 2,922 MASL making it the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines.


However, before you jump to the next bus going to Baguio consider bringing the following items because you will be glad you did. Charge it to my experience and you will have the most comfy moments in Mt. Pulag.

      1. Sleeping Pad – The uneven camping grounds underneath your tent can be irksome throughout the night. So never forget to bring your sleeping pad because this will not only give you a sound sleep but will save you sleeping on wet floors.

      2. Sleeping Bag – It’s hard to sleep when the temperature goes down to near zero degree. And the only thing you wish to have during the wee hours is comfort and warmth which your sleeping bag can give.

      3. Garbage Bag – Most often than not the mountain weather includes torrential rain. So make use of this big black plastic to water proof your stuff. Stow your things inside before sleeping and you will thank yourself the next day because moist & water didn’t get your clothes. You can also use it on separating your wet and used clothes to the dry and clean ones.

      4. Fleece Jacket – Do yourself a huge favor; don’t forget your fleece jacket. This is an essential part of your survival on the summit. So never forget to bring it or hypothermia will kiss your life. Fleece jackets are known to keep one’s body warm. Its heat tech design will maintain your body’s temperature tuck inside plus it will help you battle the biting cold of the night so buy yourself a decent fleece jacket.

      5. Waterproof Jackets & Pants – What’s certain about mountain weather is that it’s unpredictable. One moment you get a shining sun the next you get a gloomy weather. But one thing is sure you’ll experience unwanted drizzling and vehement chilly winds on the camp site so keep yourself dry & warm with these items. Admittedly, on my first climb I ignored bringing my waterproof pants and I woke up soaked and wet. My sporty jogging pants are no match to the waters that entered our tent that night and as a result, I put myself to rigorous shivering ‘til morning comes.

      6. Warming Oil – Unknown to others, warming oil is another perfect item to include in your backpack. Since you can’t light a bon fire on the camping ground, this item is a handy solution to warm yourself up. Apply some on your hands, feet and you have an hour warm feel for an hour.


    1. Cling Wrap – This kitchen item will keep your body heat from evaporating on thin cold air. Apply some warming oil on to your skin then wrap it with cling wrap and viola you just get yourself a clever & instant way of getting warm. It works like magic.

    2. Small Umbrella – Carrying an umbrella in Mt. Pulag my sound pussy but its share on waterproofing yourself is invaluable. Using umbrella during your trips to the toilet on a rainy day will prevent you from making your tent sloppy inside.

    3. Inflatable Pillow – at 2922 masl, you are prone to altitude sickness and the only thing you want when you reach the camping site is lay inside your tent and take a nap. While you can use your blanket to place on your neck for support an inflatable pillow still does the job perfectly.

    4. Masking Tape – Believe me! You’ll need this! This multipurpose item will help you in so many ways. It can be also used for waterproofing yourself, for binding things, for keep things in placed, and for covering an open area.

So there you go, bring these on your trek to Mt. Pulag and yourself will thank you.



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  1. xctrekker


    Funny, the only thing from your list that I had when I did Pulag (twice) decades ago was the sleeping bag. Some items in your list (ex. cling wrap) is totally alien to us oldies given the state of technology available to us back then. Nothing bad in that esp if you need such- it just reminds me again how things have changed a lot since then. You guys are lucky. Many imported, top-brand gear are now available locally and outdoor/mountaineering shops abound.

    And speaking of change, I’m really glad I did my trekking when it was still permissible to camp right atop the peak of Pulag. And starting from where the hired jeep can no longer proceed, you still needed a good day-and-a-half’s worth of trekking just to reach the edge of the ‘mossy forest’. I read from other blogs and posts that the road now ends at the ‘mossy forest’.

    Anyway, keep on trekking and be safe!

    • Rome


      Hi Xctrekker,

      Quite weird right? But those items really saved us from sure hypothermia when we had our trek. I agree there are plenty of outdoor/mountaineering shops now than before! Your adventure is really amazing I which we can still have that.