10 Simple Tips for Packing Travel Bag That Are Often Neglected

Preparing a baggage is not an easy task for some travelers. A simple decision making can seriously affect your whole trip with what you have and what you don’t have.

TheNorthFaceBeing so, it is very important to pack your stuff a week before flying to avoid cramming & having a disorganize baggage. Free yourself from worries and consider the following tips to help you prepare your backpack.

1. Identify the free baggage allowance – Decades ago, airlines offer a free 15kg check in baggage allowance although some airlines do still offer it others charge them for a fee. In addition, a passenger can hand carry a baggage with dimensions of 56cm x 36 cm x 23 cm and should not weigh more than 7Kg plus another 1 handbag or laptop bag. Some airports are strict with the baggage allowance. Here’s one of the tips for packing some airport does not weigh hand carry baggage so if you want to save yourself for an extra charge for having an over baggage, put most of your heavy items in your hand carry bag

2. Check the Weather of Place to Visit – Know well the season of the place you are visiting this will help you save more space on clothes that shouldn’t be part of your travelling wardrobe. Bring clothes that will match the weather and ditch out the inappropriate ones. 

3. Know the Length of Vacation – Always pay attention on the length of your vacation. If you plan to stay for a 3D2N then trim down the number of your attires to at least 3 pairs. If you choose to stay for a month then carry a handful outfits sufficient for a month’s necessity – a set of clothes for a week should meet your need then just have it laundry.

4. Figure out the Activities Consider the activities you’ll be having during your vacation. If it’s more of water adventure and under the sun experience then bring dry fit apparels that are fast drying than the cotton ones.

5. Make a Checklist – This is an important  tips for packingMake a checklist of items to put inside your baggage. This helps you to organize things and arrange them properly before throwing them inside.  Making one does not only save you from missing any items during your travel but also saves you from producing one when worst scenarios like “missing baggage” happen during your transit.

6. Roll it in – Put in first items that are heavy and require much space then the lighter ones. Items like jeans and shoes in a plastic bag should go first as they eat more space. Put in the lighter ones next to fill up the spaces. It’s best to roll it to save much space.

7. Toiletries in a Ziplock – As a general rule, do not bring more than 100ml of liquids (i.e. perfume, lotion, shampoo) on your hand carry items. Avoid bringing aerosol or perfume spray cans if you don’t want them ending in disposal bins inside the airport. Read the terms and conditions of your tickets to know more about what you can bring and what you cannot. Bring re-seal-able plastics for items that can spill and use it to separate your dirty used clothes to clean ones. This tips for packing will help you a lot.

8. Put a Bag Lock & Bag Tag – Check the attached lock and the zippers of your baggage before packing and make sure that it’s properly working. Never leave your baggage without a lock. It’s always good to secure your things during your travel and put a bag tag or a ribbon that will make it distinct and outstanding.

9. Buy a sturdy Backpack – Above everything else, buy a durable and tested brand. While you have a everything ready, you wouldn’t want your things fit into a cheap backpack and burst out after being mishandled by the airport personnel.  Go for “The North Face” Backpacks. its an international brand praised by travelers around the world. They have wide variety of backpacks and outdoor gear to choose from. You can check their website here: www.thenorthface.com and like their Facebook Page

10. Extra Piece of Advice – Be kind and courteous with the check in counter people because they hold the authority over your baggage and your seat location. If you show a politeness, the more chances they’ll accommodate your excess baggage without charging you additional cost.

Follow these tips for packing and it you get yourself a hassle free travel.

Do you have other additional tips for packing? Please let our readers know and hit the comment button.