6 Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare For Which You’ll Thank Us Later

Tips on Booking Cheap Airfare

Nowadays, Traveling on a budget is main-stream; blame it to the birth of so called “Seat Sale”. These are travel agencies offering promo deals that are really so enticing.  Some of the prices are incredibly cheap. Yeah right, who would pass the chance of flying to Davao for just Php1.00 (excluding fuel surcharge & taxes) or less than a dollar? Wicked, right? Why would you spend more than five grand on airfares, if you can get it less than the a dollar? Well, thanks to whoever invented the Seat Sale!

Traveling to different sides of the Philippines without spending too much makes it possible with commercial airlines offering promotional fare.  You can check the list of Commercial Airlines in the PH by clicking the Airlines in the Philippines. However, the wide spread of sale announcements over Facebook and Twitter and email feeds makes it harder to book a promo flight.

Oftentimes, my friends and relatives ask me how I am able to get dirt-cheap airfares all the time. I found myself fortunate in grabbing promo fares following the techniques below:

1. Facebook, Twitter, & RSS Feeds – If you want to be updated with all the sale announcements. Like their respective Facebook pages, follow their Twitter and enroll your emails to their email updates.

2. PLAN – plan your trips ahead. Ask these simple questions like “Where do you plan to go?,” “When to fly?” and “Who’s going to come?” and take note of the details. Always set in mind the destination you plan to visit and have some alternatives. See also holidays and special occasions to save some vacation leaves. Prepare a list of people who are travelling with you containing their full names and birthdays to have an easy booking transaction.

3. Flight Schedules – check the flight schedules of the airlines and study them so when once Seat Sale is on, you can tick instantly the said flight and have it booked.

4. Be Alert – remember you’re not the only one looking for promo fares.  Seat Sale happens during significant holidays and major events in the country. There’s piso fare for New Year, P14 sale on Valentine’s day, etch. Seat Sales are strategically launched during Midnight & Noon Time.

5. Alternatives – Generally, available seat sale are found on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. These off peak days offer more vacant flights than all other days of the week. If your goal is to spend a 3D2N vacation still some seat sale can be found on Friday & Monday. I suggest taking Saturday  to Monday schedule than the regular Friday to Sunday.

6. Payment Schemes – Ready your Credit Cards, Cash Cards, or Debit Card. If you don’t have your cards yet you can pay over the counter through payment centers but observe the timeframe in paying.

That’s easy, isn’t!? Chances on grabbing a seat sale depend on your alertness and preparedness. So discover other techniques and be creative.



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