Advertise PH Travel ExpressAt PH Travel Express, it is our burning desire to help you attain your goal and achieve your success. Because we believe, your success will help us pursue our dream to be the “No. 1 Travel Blog in the Philippines.”  To  achieve this we need to combine both Passion and Science in all our collaborative efforts.

This requires us from keeping our nose to the grindstone while continually being updated with latest travel trends.

Why Advertise on a Blog?OUR AUDIENCE

Our audience runs from 20 to 35 years old travel seekers who are intelligent & digitally connected. Some call them “Millennials” (Generation Y), we call them Flashpackers. They are young travellers who visit places for high  value experience while carrying digital gadgets and more funds. Know more about Flashpackers in “Flashpacking: The Millennial’s Way of Travelling in the 21st Century” and read our research about they’re traits and learn why this is a lucrative growing breed of travelers in “9 Characteristics of Flashpackers that differs from Backpackers.”


All materials presented in PH Travel Express didn’t come without a study or research. The “top things to do,” the “places to visit” and all “the infographics” posted in this website are the result of our diggings. We are no major in Research & Statistics but we like reading and analyzing all available research papers and reports.


This is a generation of sights and sounds. And writing a paragraph about your brand will only get you little attention. You need hue, graphics and typography. Let our creative juices work on your brand and transform them into some appealing & interesting material.


Geeky as it may sound but this is crucial to your online marketing efforts. Our team wants your brand to get your market’s attention by supplying the focus adwords that will help your customer find your brand.

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