Zaru Udon_Soba - Cold Thick White Noodle or Buckwheat Noodle

Zaru Udon_Soba – Cold Thick White Noodle or Buckwheat Noodle

While most of the Philippine archipelago is drenched in rain for the most part of
the monsoon season, August is the height of summer in Japan. And with it
comes an abundance of fresh catch and farm produce; enabling chefs to concoct tasty meals.

Enjoy this delectable Japanese cuisines now with Kitsho’s wide range of culinary masterpiece by booking your reservation at (632)795-8888  local 2312 / 2311 or  (632) 994 3623.

This profusion of ingredients is brought to the fore as Chef Mizumoto “Hiro”
Masahiro whips up a couple of must-try delicacies for the month of August.
There’s Unaju, with it’s rice toppings of eel. Or if you are a ramen person, you
could go for cold white thin noodles or some Hiyashichika; a filling dish of cold
ramen noodles with assorted toppings of vegetables, ham, and egg.

Hyasi Chuuka - Cold Ramen

Hyasi Chuuka – Cold Ramen

If soba is your preference, you may opt for Chasoba, a gold green tea soba; or
perhaps Zarusoba, which is a cold soba. Dining guests who partake of any of the six aforementioned dishes in Kitsho’s menu will each receive a free complimentary ice cream of any flavor. He/she can choose from either Wasabi, Matcha green tea, black sesame, or vanilla.

Japanese food lovers know that Japanese cuisine is a seasonal thing. With
Japan’s very distinct seasons, seafood, for instance, varies from time to time. For example, the rosy bass is cooked differently in winter than it is prepared in the summer months. Unlike the Philippines’ two seasons of wet and dry, there is not much difference in the taste of it’s marine life or agricultural produce.

Unaju - Eel on Steamed Rice & Sliced Cooked Egg

Unaju – Eel on Steamed Rice & Sliced Cooked Egg

In the 2016 documentary film “Tsukuji Wonderland,” director Endo Naotaro shows how Tokyo’s largest fish market has continually sustained the Japanese food culture for over eight decades. There, intermediate wholesalers and chefs play out a duel among professionals, and each season’s food options mesmerize even tourists from around the world.

Chef Hiro cutting salmonSo this August, come and dine at Kitsho and be amazed by Chef Hiro’s delectable offerings for the month. It will prep you for more wonderful dishes to try in the coming months.

Kitsho, one of the very few authentic Japanese restaurants in the metro, is conveniently tucked at the ground level of the Hotel Jen Manila, along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip in the historic bay area of Manila.
For more details and table reservations, simply get in touch with telepone numbers. 7958888 local  2312 or 994-36- 23.  You may also visit the restaurant’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as their Web page, for more information.