This recipe goes back to the roots of Japanese curry. In some instances, proffered as a Curry Nabe (Hot Pot)Authentic Japanese restaurant Kitsho spices up your gustatory dining experience with its best-
tasting curry dishes of pork, chicken, beef, seafood, katsu, and curry hotpot.
Katsu-kari is a breaded, deep-fried cutlet that’s usually pork or chicken and smothered with curry
sauce. The use of beef, on the other hand, symbolized the opening of Japan to outside influences,
notably during the Meiji era (1868-1912).

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20180720_001742Curry was introduced to Japan during the Meiji era by the British, at a time when India was under
the colonial rule of the British Raj. Curry, which comes from ‘kari,’ means ‘sauce’ in the Tamil
language. As a culinary pastime, with roots in India, it has evolved into one of Japan’s most
beloved dishes, eaten at least once a week on average.
Curry, originally introduced to England during its colonization of India, was eventually made into a
convenient powder form into which its popularity has skyrocketed, even to this day. Discover all
of Kitsho’s delectable options that include Curry Nabe dishes of either pork, chicken, seafood, or
Chef Hiro gives seafood a twist with the use of curry.Chef Hiro whips up the most delectable curry dishes for both gourmands and gourmets.And as special perk, all curry dish orders enjoy a 20% discount from your tab. Also, diners get to
enjoy a 15% off from a la carte dishes, with the exception of lunch set menus. Moreover, with
August being the height of summer in Japan, you may want to sample its summer staple, the eel,
or unagi.
If there’s one thing that would perfectly cap your curry experience at Kitsho, it’s ice cream. With
its supply of top-notch dairy and creatively sweet concoctions, Kitsho is not a bad place to be left
with an ice cream craving. Hunt down one or more of its delectable soft-serve flavors – Matcha,
black sesame, vanilla, and/or wasabi.
Food store owners who plan on expanding their menu to include Japanese items or those who
want to create an entire section of Japanese dishes may consult with Executive Chef Mizumoto
“Hiro” Masahiro. Chef Hiro will be more than delighted to help you with these concerns. Simply
send him an email through
. Kitsho Japanese restaurant is owned and operated by MCK Millennium Food, Inc. and is
conveniently located at the ground floor of the Hotel Jen Manila, right across the sprawling CCP
Complex, along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip on the historic Manila Bay area.
For reservations, simply call the restaurant trunkline (02) 994-36-23 or (02) 795-8888 extension 2312 .You may
also want to check out Kitsho’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.