We, Filipinos use different means of transportation to reach different places.  We have various means of transportation getting around the country. Our most popular transportation is Jeepney.  You will see our colorful Jeepneys ply our streets to bring us to our chosen destination.

Customarily, we pick what to ride based on the distance, travel time & budget (comfort level included) for our trip. As a rule of thumb, we use the following transport:

Habal Habal – is a plain motorcycle commonly used in rural and remote areas. Passengers ride behind the motorcycle operator. Most motorcycles are used with more than one passenger. Sometimes at least four people are riding the motorcycle. Fare: Varies. No standard rates for Habal Habal as fare varies from different locations and regions.

Pedicab – also known as “Padyak” or “Trisikad”; is a bike with a sidecar. A human powered pedalling transport mainly used to ferry passengers short distances along smaller and residential roads that are too congested for motor transport. We prefer to use them during rainy season to avoid walking through flood waters. Fare: Varies. No standard regular fare.

Tricycle – A motorbike with sidecar. Tricycles are the commonly used transport next to Jeepneys in the Philippines. Use tricycle for short distance travel like a trip to flea or local market. It’s our version of Thailand’s tuktuk.
Fare: Fare usually cost Php 16.00 for 2 passengers travelling within 4 Km distance. An incremental cost of P1.50 for every succeeding kilometer.

Jeepney – If you hear the driver says “Walohan” or “Sampuan” that means 8 or 10 passenger can sit on both side of Jeepney’s backseat. On an average, a jeep can transport 20 passengers each side plus 2 more on the front beside the driver’s seat.   Jeepneys have specific route. Destination is conspicuously placed in-front of the driver’s windshield while vice versa routes are painted on the side of the vehicle.
Fare: Costs Php 8 – 10 for the first 4 Kilometers and additional P1.40-1.75 per succeeding kilometer.

FX/AUV/VAN (UV/GT Express) – as an alternative for jeepneys, we also have the FX. Like jeepneys, it has fixed route but are air-conditioned vehicles. Seating capacity ranges from 10 to 14 passengers.  They are more expensive than jeepneys but cheaper than taxis.
Fare: Starts from P10-P15.00.

Taxi – Like in any country, our taxis use meter to compute for the final fare.
Fare: Flat rate starts at Php 40.00 for the first 500 meters and an incremental cost of Php 3.50 for every succeeding 300m or 2minutes of stopping.

Bus – There are two types of public bus in the country – the City Bus and the Provincial Bus. The city bus operates within Metro Manila from city to city while provincial bus serves passengers travelling inter-provinces or inter-regions.  Under both types, passenger can choose to ride an ordinary or an air-conditioned bus. Ordinary bus does not have air conditioner and offers cheaper fare compare to the air-conditoned bus.
Fare: City Bus fare starts at P10.00 and P12.00 for ordinary and air-conditioned respectively. Fare varies for provincial bus.

MRT/LRT1&2/PNR Southrail – Trains are only available in Metro Manila (except for PNR as it services some parts of Laguna, Cavite, Quezon). These three lines are inter-connected to each other serving most public commuters. Get more information on our train systems by visiting www.ph-commute.com
Fare: Starts at P12.00.

Airplane – Since Philippines is an archipelago with 1,700+ islands. It would be time consuming to take transport by land or by water. There are 10 commercial airlines in the Philippines to fly you to different places and the best thing about our airline companies? They constantly offer “Promo Fares” or “Seat Sale.” Fare: Varies (Check respective airlines’ website for more details.)

Boat – Most of the time, boats are chartered to bring you to different islands. However at some places, boats are like jeepneys that ferry people from one place to another at cheaper cost.
Fare: Varies

Ferry/Supercat – As alternative to expensive plane tickets to inter-island travel, we use ferry/supercat services to travel from one island to another. Ferries & Supercats are most popular in Visayas & Mindanao.
Fare: Varies.Habal Habal

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