Known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world, Philippines celebrates the Yuletide season starting from the onset of “ber” months (SeptemBer). As early as September you can hear Christmas Carols played on the local Radio Stations as colder weather marks a merrier atmosphere. It only ends after the Feast of the Epiphany or the first Sunday of January of next year. Here are few of the reasons why spending Christmas in the Philippines is different.

Because we have the longest Christmas Celebration in the world.

Because we like adorning our houses with Christmas Lights.

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and displaying a grand Nativity Scene is mandatory.


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Because we own the best & gigantic intricately designed Lanterns.

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Because we sing the best christmas carols

Because December feels like a month-long festive everywhere specially on our streets.

Because attending the “Simbang Gabi” dawn Masses for nine straight days is important.

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and eating Bibingka

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or Puto Bumbong (rice cakes) is part of the tradition.

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Because our malls declare extravagant sale before & after Christmas.

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Because we stack our tables with plenty of dishes & fruits on the Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve

Christmas in the PHilippines

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Because schools and even the corporate world organizes Christmas Parties

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while observing Monito Monita or Kris Kringle or Exhange Gift

and some employee receives an additional 13th month pay and Christmas Bonus.

Because there are street dancing

and karaoke on Christmas Eve in many places in the city.

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Because Families gather for Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and Medya Noche  (New Year’s Eve).

Pinoy Noche Buena

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Because our Children are immensely happy because it means new clothes and Christmas presents.

and finally, because sharing of blessings becomes a prevalent and a contagious act.