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La Luz Batangas

Feel Burgis When You Stay in La Luz Resort Batangas

The elegant sun loungers on the shores, the relaxing cabana facing the azure waters of San Juan and the white draperies freely swaying on the cabana’s four corners are…

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It’s OK to Get Bloated in Sonya’s Garden, Do You Agree?

Secluded in a romantic spot of Cavite near Tagaytay City, Sonya’s Garden gained prominence from its tranquil and relaxed ambiance. Opening its door to public on the 14th…

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We Asked Ilog Maria Bee Farm: Is it Possible to Produce Honey Even Without Bees?

This post is part of our Farms in Tagaytay Series dedicated for those who are looking for alternative travel experience in Tagaytay. Don’t forget to check our other articles in 4…

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This Hidden Farm in Tagaytay Offers At least 4 Attractions in One

JUST A THOUGHT: Is it Possible to Produce Honey Even Without Bees? We found the answer in Ilog Maria! Read the article here! An artifact museum, an orchid farm,…

Provinces of the Philippines

81 Grandest Pictures From the 81 Provinces of the Philippines

With 7,107 Islands, a land area of 343,448 square kilometers, Philippines is bigger than Italy, Britain or North & South Korean combined. I’m sure you’ll have a hard…

Batanes Trip, Batanes Travel, Batanes Blog, Batanes DIY

Video: Mesmerizing Dolphin Encounter in Batanes

Ever imagined how it feels like to be led by Dolphins while riding on a boat? No way! Right? But here’s a proof. This video in Batanes perfectly…

Mt. Pulag Essentials

10 Most Ignored Things That Should Be on Your Backpack to Mt. Pulag

With its moss covered forest, sprawling grassland and glorious sea of clouds, Mt. Pulag lies at 2,922 MASL making it the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. However, before…

INFINITY pools Philippines

12 Incredible Infinity Pools around the Philippines You Need to Experience

If you’re looking for a spectacular sight of infinity pool around the Philippines which is synonymous to posh and luxurious tropical vacation well, you are on the right…


10 Philippine Festivals You Need To Mark on Your Calendar This Year

Mark your calendar because these incredible and grandest Philippine Festivals will sure win your heart and will set you on party mode. Mid 15th century when the Spaniard…

Philippine Bucket List

80 Items You Need to Add on Your Philippine Travel Bucket List

Happy New Year! Time flies so fast, isn’t it? One moment you’re just starting year 2014 and now you’re on the 4th page of your 365 days of 2015….

La Presa farm

Cafe In The Sky: The Mother of All Overlooking Views in Baguio

If you’re looking for a stunning view of Baguio’s rolling hills and extra wide skyline. You have to visit Cafe in the Sky. Tucked on one of the…

El Nido Aerial shot

The El Nido Palawan You Haven’t Seen Yet

You’ve seen the panoramic beauty of El Nido Palawan in different travel mags and blogs. Its karst limestones formation, its idyllic collection of lagoons, its extraordinary marine biodiversity,…

New 7 World Seven Cities

Here’s Why We Think Vigan City Made it to the New 7 World Cities List

Because their Spanish colonial houses are intricately designed to depict 16th century Filipino civilization. Photo By: Flickr | Adam Dimech Because Calle Crisilogo will bring you back to the…

Ilocos Sur

Vigan City Cited as One of the New Seven Wonder Cities

Praised by its century old houses and rustic brick pavements, Vigan City was voted as one the New Seven Wonder Cities (N7WC) of the world yesterday around 3…

Mt. Pulag Itinerary

Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You Want to Climb Mt Pulag

Trekking to the camping site of Mt. Pulag is a struggle, reaching the summit is different story. Half of Mt. Pulag was still snoozing when I walked outside…

Here’s a Quick Guide to Metro Manila’s Christmas Attractions

9 Christmas Attractions around Metro Manila You Shouldn’t Miss this Yuletide Season Being one of the predominantly Christian countries in Asia, Christmas is one of the biggest holidays…

Philippine Travel Express

45 Instagram Travel Photos That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

These People Will Make You Jealous of Their Wanderlust Around the Philippines with their Instagram Travel Photos. If you don’t usually get envy with other people’s travel photos,…

Mt. Pico De Loro

Mt. Pico De Loro : How I Missed The View But Still Enjoyed The Climb

It’s Parrot’s Beak Shape rock formation attracts climbers from different parts of the country. The same reason why we signed up for a day trip hike to Mt….

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8 Beautiful Places in the Philippines You are Probably Missing

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