Camping with Pets: Best Spots in the Philippines

What: This article is about the best pet-friendly camping you can find in the Philippines to enjoy with your furry friend.

Why: To help campers choose the best pet-friendly sites and guide them to make their camping journey enjoyable and adventurous.

Pet-friendly campgrounds allow guests to travel with their domestic animals. It offers a comfortable camping experience for both pets and campers. These campgrounds feature comfortable spots for relaxing and playing areas where pets can enjoy running around.

In the Philippines, pet-friendly camping is an amazing adventure waiting for you! Imagine yourself waking up hearing the sound of waves at the beach, and watching your pet enjoying in grassland or dense forest. We have suggested some of the best pet-friendly campsites in the Philippines.

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Lists Of Best Pet-Friendy Campsites

1.    Kaliraya Surf Kamp (cavinti)

Kaliraya Surf Kamp

Kaliraya Surf Kamp is one of the great options for pet-friendly camping cabins. Located in Cavinti, Lumban, it is special due to its nearness to Caliraya Lake. You can enjoy setting tents near the refreshing lakeside atmosphere. You can park your car nicely and near to your tent due to the availability of vast open space.

You are allowed to take advantage of Caliraya Lake at a small cost. You can enjoy during your stay by renting a speedboat, jet ski or kayak. Campers are also provided with essential facilities like running water and restrooms.

2.    Crystal Beach Resort (Zambales)

Crystal Beach Resort 

Crystal Beach Resort is located on the beach in San Narciso, Subic town, Zambales. Featuring a beautiful land of sand and vast space for relaxation, this resort offers you enough space and your furry friend to play around openly.

If you want to enjoy water activities, you can rent Kayak and go surfing. Although the resort is pet-friendly, you should note that pets are not allowed in the restaurant to avoid any potential accidents. It is suggested to keep your pet inside a comfortable cage if you plan to bring your pet inside your room.

3.    Sabangan Beach Resort (Batangas)

Sabangan Beach Resort

Located in Laiya, Batangas, Sabangan `Beach Resort is proud to be recognized as one of the best Pet-friendly beach resorts. You don’t have to pay extra fees to take in your pet but make sure to follow these simple rules:

  • You can bring a maximum of 2 small to medium pets.
  • Keep them on a leash.
  • Let them roam the beach under your watchful eye.
  • Pets are not allowed to swim in the pool.
  • Feed them outside your room.

You will have options to choose several types of rooms which include a bungalow that can fit eight people and a loft that can fit up to 12 people. You don’t have to worry about finding pet-friendly restaurants nearby because the room rates are overall for breakfast, afternoon snacks, and dinner.

4.    Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa (Antipolo)

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa 

If you’re looking for a mountain resort with your pet then Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa might be the best for you. It is popular for being the first and only hanging garden spa in the Philippines.

Keep in mind that resorts will welcome one pet per guest. You just have to make sure that your pet doesn’t weigh more than 30 pounds and that vaccination records are up to date.

5.    Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Bataan)

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a heritage resort situated in Bagac, Bataan. You can experience the classic luxury of the Spanish era. This resort has 27 Spanish-Filipino colonial houses which are reconstructed and relocated from different parts of the country. You can choose to stay in traditional Spanish-theme homes or rooms.

You can enjoy lots of entertainment activities like traditional Filipino music, theatre performances, dance and horse riding. Keep in mind that you will be charged extra for each night with pets in a private casa. Your pets are only allowed in villas but not hotel rooms. Be sure to inform the resort when you are bringing the pet.

Important Tips for Camping with Pets

1.    Plan Ahead

If you want to go camping pet-friendly then the planning process is very important. It is the best way to keep your pet and yourself safe. You can start your planning process by following points:

  • Check the pet policy and rules to be followed in the campground.
  • Arrange a check-up by taking your pet to the veterinarian.
  • Make sure to reserve your campsite early during the busiest travel period.
  • Your pet might take bathroom breaks often so plan a route with enough stops.
  • Develop your pet’s obedience behaviour for friendly interactions with others.
  • Invest in high-quality gear like straps and collars.

2.    Bring plenty of toys

The weather can change at any time and your pet might not be able to enjoy it outside. So, prepare in advance by bringing out your pet’s favourite toys such as tennis balls, rope chews and flush toys.

3.    Always carry a first-aid kit

You must carry your pet’s first-aid kit when you plan to take your pets in outdoor activities. A first-aid kit can become a lifesaver for your pet if any unexpected accidents occur. Some essential first-aid kits include:

  • Nonstick bandages
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Pet-safe, sterile eyewash
  • A digital thermometer

4.    Provide Extra Hydration

Your pet requires more water than usual due to increased outdoor activities. You can determine how much to provide water by considering their weight, temperature, and activity level. You can use the collapsible water bowl to keep your pet hydrated and set it in a shaded area to keep the water cool for a long time.

5.    Protect your pet all the time

Make sure to keep your pet on a leash because it is the safest way to protect your pet. Your pet can’t get away when they get close to unfamiliar sights, sounds and other pets which makes them overwhelmed. You don’t let them drink stagnant water from lakes, ponds and rivers which contain green algae.


You can enjoy a delightful adventure with your pet by exploring various pet-friendly camper rentals in the Philippines. It offers unique experiences of nature and recreational activities. All you need to do is follow campground rules, invest in quality gear, vet check-up, reserve early and organize a route for an enjoyable experience. Remember to pack up with a first-aid kit, and provide extra hydration for your pet. Your pet should be leashed to ensure extra shield protection. As per experts from CDR Writers Australia, considering these tips in camping will help you create lasting memories with your pet in the beautiful environment of the Philippines.


1.    Can I bring any pets to pet-friendly camping sites?

Many pet-friendly campsites welcome different pets but you should check each site’s pet policies and rules. Some sites may restrict pets according to number and size and provide guidelines for behaviour.

2.    Do I need to show proof of vaccinations for my pet at pet-friendly camping sites?

Yes, vaccination proof is often required by pet-friendly camping sites.

3.    What should I do when my pet encounters wildlife at a camping site?

If your pet encounters wildlife then leash your pet and maintain distance from wild animals. Make sure not to feed wild animals and follow local regulations.

4.    What breeds are typically restricted at campsites?

You must check breed limitations before heading to pet-friendly campsites because some guard dog breeds like Pit bulls or Dobermans might be restricted.

5.    Are there age restrictions for pets?

Some campsites may have age restriction policies regarding older pets due to possible health concerns.

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