Feel Burgis When You Stay in La Luz Resort Batangas

The elegant sun loungers on the shores, the relaxing cabana facing the azure waters of San Juan and the white draperies freely swaying on the cabana’s four corners are enough reasons to convince us to stay overnight in La Luz Resort Batangas.

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“We’ll take it!” I told Ms. Joan of the reservation on the phone after confirming the room rates. We decided to have the only room left booked for us and have our stay upgraded from day trip to an overnight stay in their Hill Top Room.

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Taking Hill Top was a good decision. The room is simple yet big, and its oriental feel makes the whole room homey. Its location is a stunner. It’s like owning a rest house on top of the cliff, overlooking the San Juan Sea. And yes, it’s frequently booked by Honeymooners but but this time by 3 city rats searching for a staycation experience near Manila. It’s a perfect place to have your weekend staycation outside the city but if you’re planning to save money but still want to enjoy the weekend! Try glamping and don’t forget to get a good tent here. We have a relaxing veranda, a garden, a peaceful yoga area on the second floor plus a serene ambiance away from the crowd. We felt like we’re part of the Maharlika class because we have a paradise privy to the commoners. Hahaha.

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We had to go back to the town proper to buy our supplies and drinks for the unplanned night’s inuman sesh. And I would advise you to buy your supplies and withdraw your cash before heading to the resort because the distance between the beach resort and the town proper is quite far.

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After which, we larked around the area camwhoring from the sun loungers to the rocky part of the beach until everyone got tired and went back to our room.

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Our buffet dinner is also notable. The food hall turns into a magnificent well lighted manor while the tables on the beach side are adorned with glass lamps illuminating the whole place.

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They have a salad bar complete with different dressings. The entrees are also delicious it consist of fish fillet, pasta, chicken, sauteed vegetables and pork. They also have a dessert bar which offers fruits of the season, Buko Pandan, Coffee Jelly and some pastries.

At night, the whole hill top glows with lighting fixtures conspicuously placed around the veranda. It turns into a romantic and exclusive spot, great for dates, honeymoon and inuman sesh included. I like how they transformed the area into a dainty place for our barkada bonding.

La Luz Batangas Hilltop

While the commoners (lol) enjoy the beachside and the bon fire, we have our own private place.

The genuine and quick service of the staff are also remarkable, we were hourly visited and checked if we need anything. Their warm and undivided attention are commendable, they spoiled us so much that we felt like we were “burgis” the entire stay.

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The next morning I woke up early to catch the 5:45am sunrise, I was again amazed by the magnificent everyday phenomenon which I seldom see because I’m not a morning person. The small red dot became bigger and bigger as it ascended from the sleepy horizon. After witnessing the less than 2 minute chance, I came back to the bed and went back to my slumber.

Our buffet breakfast consists of Garlic Rice, Tomato Omelet, Daing, breads and pancakes. After pigging out on the breads, pineapple jam and cups of kapeng barako, we went straight to the beach to snorkel. I was ecstatic to see the diverse marine biodiversity of the place. Colorful fishes of different sizes and forms playfully swim beneath the clear water while my friend enjoys the view of hot bodies frolicking on the shore.

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Our need for a weekend escape justified the price of the whole trip. After all, we, daily grinders deserve this quick vacation.

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La Luz accommodation rates don’t include the meals. You need to pay additional Php 1,350 per person which I find reasonable because the meals are all buffet and are regularly refilled. In fact, I had a hard time battling overeating and Cibophilia because of the dishes they served. The buffet usually consists of 3 – 5 dishes which include chicken, pork, fish and vegetables. They also have an appetizer and desserts section throughout major meals.

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How to go to La Luz

Our spontaneous trip required us to continuously stick to both Apple Maps & Google Maps all the time. From SLEX we head straight to STAR Toll way and exited San Jose-Ibaan Exit  Lipa Exit. We turned left and from there we continued the Poblacion Road until we reached Rosario-Ibaan Road then continued the long winding road until (I fell asleep so please stick with your Google Map) we reached San Juan-Laiya Road and pass several beach resorts. La Luz’s main gate is located all the way the end of the road which will require you to climb a hill. You should see a huge sign and entrance to your left.


  1. They don’t usually allow walk-ins, so you really need to make a reservation prior your visit. In our case, I called-in early morning and was able to make a reservation for a day trip which we eventually upgraded to an overnight stay.
  2. Day trip rate is Php 900.00 per person. The package includes access to the beach, family cabana, buffet lunch, and buffet merienda.  They require a 50% down payment by depositing it in BPI. Then you have to email the deposit slip it to their reservation so they can reserve your slot.
  3. La Luz Beach Resort is pet-friendly bring your pet and pay the entrance fee of Php 450.00.
  4. Check La Luz’s website for the updated rates.


La Luz Beach Resort & Spa
San Juan, Batangas, 4226
(02) 748 8196 │+63 927 805 3484

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