If you’re looking for a stunning view of Baguio’s rolling hills and extra wide skyline. You have to visit Cafe in the Sky.

Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Cafe in the Sky’s Veranda overlooking Baguio

Tucked on one of the highest peaks of Baguio’s mountain ranges, the restaurant cum bed and breakfast holds a perfect spot to have that special experience.

Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Road to Cafe in the Sky, Baguio

Have your all day grub alfresco or perhaps sip your cup of coffee or hot chocolate on their veranda while enjoying a panoramic view of the sky. That’s surely what Cafe in the Sky’s can offer. Up in the Sky Imagine this: Overlooking Baguio City on a royal blue sky visited by slowly moving cumulus clouds while you are enjoying a cold weather and holding your cup hot of drink. Serene atmosphere and no noise pollution to distract your relaxing day. It’s the best experience you’ll ever what.

Cafe by the Sky

On top of the World

Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Panorama from Cafe in the Sky’s Veranda


Cafe in the Sky marked its own place on Baguio’s countless restaurants & food shops after the nearby La Presa farm became famous. The farm became a hit when ABS-CBN made it their set for TV series Forevermore.

Cafe in the Sky

Photo courtesy of ABSCBN

La Presa Baguio

Nope, this isn’t Cameron Highlands! This is La Presa in Baguio

The evening teleserye featured the breathtaking landscapes of the place along with its farm terraces which attracted many tourists. The result, the small village instantly turned into a tourist spot.

Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Inside the restaurant

Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Fireplace on the corner

Taking advantage of the influx Sonny Agcolicol and Choing Loi came up with an idea of putting up a restaurant to cater the hungry tourists and the crews of Forevermore. And so Cafe in the Sky was born.

Menu of Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Cafe in the Sky Menu

Chinese Dishes on the Sky

Opening early this December, the half Pinoy and half Chinese partners thought of bringing oriental dishes to the sky. The two restaurateurs are not new in the business as both of them also own Kubong Sawali and Luisa’s Cafe located in downtown Baguio.

Cafe in the Sky Menu

Fried Lemon Chicken, Beef with Broccoli and Stir Fried Highlands Vegetables

With mainly Chinese food on their menu, we tried the following specialties: Fried Lemon Chicken, Beef with Broccoli and Stir Fried Highlands Vegetables.

Cafe in the Sky Menu

Cafe in the Sky Counter & Kitchen

Needs Improvement

Unfortunately, the whole dining experience could have been nice if: 1) we didn’t wait more than an hour to have our meals. 2) they didn’t used Powdered Orange Juice on our Lemon Chicken. 3) they didnt serve us half-cooked rice. 4) they didn’t reuse coffee grounds on their brewed coffee. Though the dining experience is a disaster it didn’t spoil the whole adventure. Anyway the two other dishes tasted good and fresh plus the view is really something we never had before!


On its lower level, you can see rooms that are still being developed. Its still not fully operational but I’ve seen some guests checked in.

Cafe in the Sky Accommodation

Still under construction

How to Get There:

You need to hire a Taxi to bring you to the cafe and La Presa farm as other public transportation is infrequent on the area. We also asked the driver to bring us to the summit but too bad the fog was thick at the time. We paid the taxi Php800 for a round trip service.

La Presa Farm Baguio

View from behind the radar.


Sto Tomas, Cabuyao, Baguio City

Road leading to the summit.


Cafe in the Sky Baguio

Enjoying my cup hot of chocolate!

Café in the Sky
Address: Sto Tomas, Cabuyao, Baguio City
Operating Hours: 7am to 8pm
Contact No: 0917 558 8400
Facebook: Cafe In The Sky