Tagged as the Queen City of the South, Cebu City is one of the top destinations around the Philippines. It is the most traveled city by foreign tourist according to the Department of Tourism. Armed with tons of attractions and travel adventures, Cebu City should be on your top list if you’re after ticking a lot of items on your bucket list.

An hour drive from Cebu City is Mactan Island, where a number of white beaches and crystal clear water against a royal blue sky and posh beach resorts are located. Cebu is a perfect place to spend your ideal summer vacation. And this Cebu 3 day itinerary should give you a primer to what this quaint province can offer.

Aside from under the sun activities, Cebu attractions include renowned culinary prowess. From the prominent Cebu Lechon, Danggits (Dried Fish), to Dried Mangoes, Cebu is also becoming every foodie’s haven. Home grown restaurants like Casa Verde, Mooon Café, Zubuchon and CNT Lechon are offering authentic Cebuano gastronomic experience.

Also, one of Cebu Attractions is its century old establishments. Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines. In fact, the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño (Church of the Holy Child) which is the oldest church in the Philippines can be seen a step away from Magellan`s Cross. Having a 1st Class Rate on Income, this city is booming with different resorts and facilities to supply your travel adventure.

This Visayan metropolis features a wide array of point of interests. So before you get overwhelmed by the plethoric collections of must include items on your Cebu Trip. Here’s a very very simple Cebu 3 day itinerary you should have with you.

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