Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You Want to Climb Mt Pulag

Trekking to the camping site of Mt. Pulag is a struggle, reaching the summit is different story.

Mt. Pulag

Photo by: Flickr/JustinJovellanos

Half of Mt. Pulag was still snoozing when I walked outside the nice little tent we rented. The temperature was near zero degree sending chill deep down to my spine. We could have stayed inside the tent and quilted ourselves to its less freezing temperature but we chose to fight the biting cold in exchange of a magnificent sun rise. Armed with layers of jackets, cameras, flashlights and bottles of water, we started assaulting the peak of Mt. Pulag.

Above us, the stars along with its dusty particles are still shimmering against the lifeless dark sky. Having a clear horizon means two things, good visibility during the trail but less “sea of clouds” on the summit. We prayed hard for the clouds to come in.

Mt. Pulag QuotesWith only few flashlights to illuminate our path, we embarked on our journey to the summit. The trail started with an ascend to a nearby uphill overlooking the camping site. The campsite is flocked with lights from campers getting ready for their assault. As their alarm clocks snooze we continued the trail.

We pass through different part of the trails, some going up and some going down, some of the trails are beside the ravines of slippery and dry mud.

Mt. Pulag

Photo by: Flickr/Jo Nicdao

We walk across perennial shrubs leading to a new distinct phase. The aroma of fresh morning dew and refreshing leafy scent is splendid. I’ve never breathed fresh air like this in my whole life.

Mt. Pulag

Photo by: Flickr/Jo Nicdao

It was a struggle going through the trail as I gimped by splitting headache brought by the altitude while I gasped for the thin misty air. I stopped several times to equalize and adjust to the altitude. It was nerve-racking experience.

By the time we reached the pinnacle of Mt. Pulag, the sky was already glaring with gold and silver linings against a mid-gray lethargic panorama. The site is undeniably remarkable. The calm and quite mantra in 360 degree is an endless ethereal. It’s like a balm to your soul, sending infinite hopes to your weary spirit.

Mt. Pulag Sunrise

Photo by: Flickr/Francis Gimenez

After few minutes, the great sun started peeking in. Its cherished flares strike the panorama above the sleepy mountain tops covered with blanket of hazy clouds. For a moment, I gape in surprise of the invaluable scene. This is the grandest sunrise I had witness in my entire life. That precious moment when you struggle so hard and blessed with astounding affirmation from heavens.

My toils and hardships diminished. It dissolved along with the freezing air as the sun’s rays reached my face.

Mt. Pulag Sunrise



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