How to Get to Sirao Flower Farm

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Disclaimer: Apologies! we are not able to give justice to the beauty of Sarao Flower Farm with our photos so to make up for such embarrassment. You may visit 10 Times Instagram Captured the beauty of Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu where we featured top pictures taken inside the farm.  Don’t be like us! By the way, a friend of mine started his photography business and is sharing some tips on how to start your own. You can learn more about this by visiting this link.

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Via Habal Habal
From Cebu proper, get to JY Square and look for a habal habal (local term for motorcycle) driver to bring you to Sirao Flower Farm or you can go straight on the last part of this article to get the contact no. of our driver during our travel to Sirao Flower Farm. The fare costs around Php400 to Php500(for 2 pax) roundtrip while travel time takes 30 – 45 minutes.

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Via Taxi
From the metro, you can also hire a taxi going to Sirao Flower Farm. Use GrabCar or Uber to find a good driver. They don’t usually use meter for this trip instead use your haggling skills and come to an agreed fixed rate. When we tried this, the fare usually costs around Php 1,00 to Php 1,500 roundtrip.

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Via Private Cars
If you are driving to Sirao Flower Farm, let’s not make life difficult. Type in Sirao Garden in your favorite Google Map to guide you. There are parking lots situated outside Sirao Flower Farms and it should not be hard to find a space as locals will assist you where to park.

About Sirao Flower Farm

Dubbed as the mini-Astermdam of Cebu, Sirao Flower Farm is one of the newest attractions in Cebu. A huge perimeter of the farm is blooming with Celosia flowers which come in yellow, fuchsia, and orange; and is surprisingly creating a surreal hillside landscape.
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While there are other flowering plants around the area, one can’t deny the fact that this place is gaining prominence with its vivid hues and incredible floral display.

Entrance Fee at Sirao Flower Farm

The regular rate is Php50/person & Php150 for professional photography. It’s best to go here every weekdays in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Featured Image courtesy of Instagram | su_wan924

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