Hopping from Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu is Possible You Just need to Read this

The 5 minute sun bathing and the hearty breakfast of banana pancake drizzled with honey and a cup of instant coffee plus the view of blinding white sand of Malapascua boost my summer morning like no other for that day’s itinerary. You can read more about our Malapascua Adventure by clicking “What it’s like to Travel to Malapascua Island for less than P2,000 ($45)

Malapascua Travel Guide

I know I’m cool on this shot! (lol what was I thinking)

By the time we reached the port, it was low-tide which only highlighted the ethereal feature of Malapascua Island. We had to ride a paddle boat in order to reach the outrigger vessel that will bring us to Maya Port but not without clicking our camera a thousand times capturing this idyllic seascape. All these concluded my less than 24 hours stay in the Island.

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

How can you say “No” to this?

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

This alluring site of Malapascua Island that will captivate your soul.

After the 45 minutes boat ride we went directly to a parked bus near the port area leading to Cebu which became fully loaded to the brim in just a few minutes of waiting. The conductor can’t speak Tagalog but was helpful and was able to get our instruction to drop us off at Don Pedro junction in Bogo. The fare costs around Php30.00 while travel time is approximately an hour.

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

Hate to say goodbye to Malapascua Island

Alighting on the Don Pedro Junction, we were surprised by a number of tricycles available on the waiting area. We were lucky to be joined by three other tourists also heading to Hagnaya Port which divided the full P100 fare into five. Travel time is within 10 – 15 minutes.

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

The welcome view from Bantayan Port

Upon reaching Hagnaya Port, the locals ushered us to the ticketing booth where ferries ply to Bantayan Island are available. The fare costs Php170.00 per person. Before boarding the ferry, we  took advantage of the barbeque stand along the terminal and had a quick grub.

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

Parked at the port.

The ferry ride took an hour and half travel time. Sailing on the cerulean waters of Cebu Island lured me to deep slumber like a baby enjoying a sweet lullaby. In fact, I didn’t notice the whole travel time passed as I was snoring the entire time.

Our smooth sail was complemented with the exclusive car service of Anika Beach Resort waiting for our arrival. So if you want to have a seamless travel (as in no frills) without being touted by people on the port area book your accommodation with Anika Beach Resort. They offer free land transfer from port to their resort and vice versa. Their rates are very affordable and the whole resort is new, clean and well maintained.

Malapascua to Bantayan Cebu

The welcome drinks didn’t quench my thirst but this glistening panorama obviously indemnified my tiresome soul.


  1. Please note that the fares mentioned above are as of April 2015 and are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Alternatively, you can hire a private boat from Malapascua to Bantayan Island for Php2,000 -Php3,500.00. The boat services can be found around Malapascua port. Use your haggling skills but I would suggest using that amount for something else. Three thousand five hundred pesos can go a long way in Bantayan Island. The smaller the boat the cheaper the cost and the slower.
  3. My research shows that there are aircon buses that ply from Maya to Hagnaya port directly. But since there’s a scarcity of public buses on the area, you may opt to ride whatever’s available.



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  1. your photos are beautiful! keep it up! =)

  2. Jen Bolico


    Hi, Thank you for this supper informative!

    May question lang, from Maya port, any will be okay going to Hagnaya port? Then may drop off point talaga for Don Pedro Junction in Bogo ?