Now You Can Join This Coming Laboracay

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So you want to join this coming Laboracay?

Well by now you should be starting the preparation! Exactly 60 days from now will be the celebration of the annual Laboracay party held (of course) in Boracay Island. This is the biggest and wildest summer beach party in the country which is attended by both beach aficionados and celebrities around the country.

The event happens once the night strikes and sun worshipers turn into nocturnal party goers celebrating the night away. With overflowing booze, full blast speakers and different beach gimmicks, most of the parties are sponsored by biggest brands in the Philippines.

It’s called Laboracay because the event falls on May 1 which is the Philippine Labor Day (Special Non Working Holiday) and takes place in Boracay’s beach side (i know right) during the long weekend.

Here’s what you need to prepare yourself if you want to join the party.

Tickets – Book your tickets now because a flight to Boracay a week or on before May 1 can be staggeringly pricey! No joke! March to May is a peak season in Boracay and the nearer the event gets so is the higher the airfare becomes. Upon checking, tickets can increase to at least 50 – 70% of the regular rate. So yes if you dont want to pay hefty airline tickets go ahead book your tickets now.

Or you can choose 2Go as alternative way to reach the white sand island. Go directly to their booking page by clicking this link Let’s go to Laboracay!

>> Find Out 400+ Hotels in Laboracay

Laboracay Philippines

Accommodation – One thing for sure, rooms during this season can be very scarce & costly! As in! No, im not exaggerating. In fact, rooms can double its rate during this event while there’s a miniscule chance of getting a decent room if you’re not ready to splurge out some cash.

Curves/Abs – If you don’t get insecure by slender bodies and washboards abs. You don’t need to prepare for this. But in case you do, you need to have a regular visit to the gym & get yourself into diet from now on. Mind you, most of those who participate in the event flaunts their supermodel bods and if you get diffident easily go straight to your gym after reading this.

The Outfit – Dress to kill baby! Leave your pajamas and wear your bikinis or trunks so you can keep up with the crowd. If you don’t like the idea do yourself a huge favor choose your outfit wisely. You are to party and enjoy the night so be comfortable with what you wear and enjoy the night!

Patience – Last year, around 50,000 tourists flocked the little white island to join the event party resulting to busy overly crowded establishments that most restaurants closed early and port services are delayed. Bring a lot more patience because you’ll surely need it most of the time around the island.

So there you have it run through this list and you can join the Laboracay party!

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